Thank You

Paul Wright for his brilliance, belief, support & for taking me & the exhibition sailing!
Stuart Mayo, Richard D'Cruz, Tina Burton from BA for flying me to Chengdu to meet the Moon Bears
Louise Collins & the team at Booja Booja for the magnificent selection of vegan ice cream & truffles at the launch party
Simon O'Rourke for his talent, friendship & the creation of the Lion carving 'The Guardian'
Bruce Cramp for being an incredible friend, talented designer & always coming to the rescue
Peter Brend & Saunton Sands Hotel for their generosity in "bubbles"
Alison Lauder and Central Foods for the delicious vegetarian canapes
Sarah Bardsley for her enthusiasm, support, ideas & ever creative mind
Chris Whitington for the time lapse film & edit and all the support and hard work
Michael Jones for immortalising the launch night with his images
Amber for all your support! Martin Barnes for the lenses!
The team at The Plough Inn, Coldharbour for your hospitality and Veggie Burgers!
Justin Jeffreys for your support not just with the exhibition but always
Liz O'Rourke for all her support - what a blessing! Kim Noseda for letting me take up so much of your husband's time
Anita Adams, Gertrude, Bonnie and Clyde thank you- so thrilled our paths crossed
Ian Palmer for always coming through. Dilou Haddou and Lucy Wheeler thank you for everything
Christine and Ian Dewar for the amazing location....again! Richard and Helen Guy-Williams – thank you!
Kedar Mohapatra for all your help
Pat Pancoust for support from across the miles
Nada Zakula at The National Theatre & the talented Nigel Allen, Michael Taibi and Lewis Peploe for bringing Joey to life for me
Nicky Vyvyan-Robinson for getting me organised for China & the team of Animals Asia for their amazing hospitality in Chengdu
Jill for the wine and vegan goodies and for being such an inspiration
Cheryl Tofield-Cook from ABC for everything
Joan Marshrons, Anne Brummer, Rachel Conway, Philippa Perry, Independent Talent, Gab Stone, Jackie Ross, Dorothy Solomon, Martin Parker, Jenny Moir, Jennifer Dubois, Kay Duffy, Tracey Berridge, Anne Mills - we got there in the end!
Anne Tudor and the Born Free team thank you. The Guardian can finally start his journey!
Marge for being my part time camera assistant your support means everything to me
Virginia for your friendship which I treasure, your words of wisdom & for being my 'go to' person
Carla Lane for your friendship & inspiration over the years and for being 'my' original animal warrior
Monique, best buddy, for all your words of encouragement, support and organisational skills
Thanks to my late Dad for sharing with me his love of animals
Bev and Brigitte for all your support & the offer to host the launch!
Graham and Twinks for keeping the faith – Aunty if only Lonely could see us now!

To everyone who was photographed both two and four legged friends. I have loved spending time with each and every one of you. Thank you for making my journey so special. This exhibition would be nothing without you all.

And finally, to my mother Dawn and stepfather Dave - together we are #TeamPawtraits.
Dave thank you for your never ending belief in me, for being my technical guru and for the amazing online gallery and countdown clock! Mum thank you for being my sounding post every step of the way, coming with me on many of the adventures and for your brilliance as a professional. To both of you for your support and love as I realised this dream I had for the animals.

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